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we need pets

posted 4 Apr 2013, 08:27 by Unknown user

 the best thing is to get a pet it would make you happy
and you live longer than the end

my song that describes

posted 26 Mar 2013, 08:30 by Unknown user

teach me how to jerk is the song that describes me as a
person. and my personality my friends and  I

shookys jerk

on my march break

posted 19 Mar 2013, 08:30 by Unknown user

on my march break i was kicking like every other break eat and sleep
that's the motto but my grandma came and made good shepherds pie
and she makes the best pie and she made  a volcano

Valentines Day

posted 26 Feb 2013, 08:16 by Unknown user

I think on this day we should have a dance.
so people can dance together.

The m&ms backwerds story

posted 19 Feb 2013, 08:19 by Unknown user

m&ms are so good.
its like a party

Untitled Post

posted 11 Feb 2013, 08:41 by Unknown user

phoenixthere was a beautiful princess named Aleiah and a prince named Wahab the brave and the mighty prince Shooky the mighty. Wahab fights dragons but Shooky fights phoenix and has one as a pet and kills dragons


posted 4 Feb 2013, 08:25 by Unknown user

basket-ball is my favorite sport.
 i like the way they dribble down the Cort.

i got the swag   i love my looks.

We teach students in school that fighting is wrong

posted 15 Nov 2012, 08:11 by Unknown user   [ updated 15 Nov 2012, 08:15 ]

No it don't make scene .
because you never know when.
other people who  fight .

world will not be destroyed by those who do evil

posted 8 Nov 2012, 08:29 by Unknown user

people in the world if they never care about other people there friends.
some of there friends can get hurt  and i got bullied. but  they never got thru with it
they pushed me in grade 5,butt.... i got up never back down so i got
up and punched him in the face . so never back down.

Why does this happen?

posted 1 Nov 2012, 08:28 by Unknown user

No i have not but i know people like Amanda Todd.  Have you
ever herd of Amanda  Todd she messed  up her
life couse she was beaing
stuped on a web cam  but her wasn't relly her falt. so .R.I.P. Amanda todd.

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