What are we working on? Learning Goals/ Success Criteria

 Subject      Learning Goal Success Criteria

  • Empower Assessments, Lessons 11-20 (6’s), Lessons 40-49
  • Reading Comprehension in Because of Winn Dixie
  • Continue with school wide guided reading activities from the novel “I am Malala”
  • Paragraph writing/ Journal writing
  • Persuasive writing
  •  We are focusing on reading comprehension strategies. We are making connections to the novel with other texts, our own lives, and the world.
  • We are exploring the school wide theme "I am..." and learning how this themes represents ourselves. 

  • In writing, we are using the paragraph organizer to separating our ideas. We are learning to use transition words and adding detail to our writing.
  • We are using graphic organizers to organizer our supporting details in persuasive writing
Text connections:
  • This text reminds me of  another text/movie I have read/watched.
  • I can relate this text to my own personal experiences.
  • This text is similar to something happening in the world
  • I can explain the story elements. (plot, characters, setting, climax, resolution)
  • I can answer reading comprehension questions using full sentences and complete thoughts.

I have included:
  • the 5 W's- who, where, what, why, and when
  • a topic sentence that introduces the main idea to my reader
  • My topic sentence is specific and engaging.
  • I have at least 3 supporting details.
  • Each detail is explained thoroughly.
  • I have separated my sentences by using transition words.
  • I have included a concluding sentence.
  • my concluding sentence restates the main idea.

Math computation:

  • We  are learning to identify, describe, create and extend repeating patterns, growing patterns and shrinking patterns using various concrete materials
  • We are investigating equations by accurately explaining the value of the variable during classroom activities

  • Addition and subtraction 0-12

I can:
  • Identify the core of a pattern
  • make my own patterns
  • I can see a pattern and extend it 
  • I can use different manipulatives to describe and explain what I know about patterns
  • I can read and understand how to use an algebraic expression when explaining a pattern rule for growing or shrinking patterns
Adding/ Subtracting:

I can add and subtract from 0-12 in my head.

 Social Studies:
  • Canadian Communities Past & Present (gr. 6’s)

  • We are learning how to effectively communicate what it means to be Canadian.
  • We are learning the different roles in culture, from various groups of people.
  •  I explained how my Canadian Identity shapes all of Canadian Identity. 
  • I was able to select items that represent me and my family, as Canadians.
  • I reflected on these items and what makes them important to who I am.